For enthusiasts there is no replacement for an English Ale. At CharentAles we know this as well as anyone. All those involved in our business have a passion for a diverse range of high quality beer, because for us it is essential that we enjoy drinking what we make as much as we enjoy making it.

Our Ales

To ensure that our beers capture the real magic of ale drinking we comply with the ‘Reinheitsgebot’ – Cold Gold and Best Bitter resizedGerman beer laws which are thought to date back to the 1400s, and ensure that only Hops, Malt, and Water can be used in the production of beers

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1 Chemin des Fayolles
Chrentales News and EventsGetting ready for our Bikers Breakfast this morning. 10.30-1.30. All Welcome!!!!Brew day!!!!11th May An evening of great entertainment with McKenzie.

Bar opens (fully licensed serving Charentales, wine, sprits and soft drinks)- 18.00
Music starts - 19.30

Food served from 19.00. The guys from the Auberge du Noyer have set us up with a cracking menu. Two courses for €10. No need to reserve.

Chicken Balti + Rice
Beef Chilli + Rice
Vegetable Balti + Rice

Apple Pie + Cream
Pear Tart + Cream

Families welcome.

Camping cars are welcome to stay overnight (providing they have their own toilets facilities)

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Craft Your Own

As well as offering our signature range of beers CharentAles also provides a tailored Craft Your Own service which allows customers to commission their own unique Ale. Clients are invited to come to the brewery where they can sit down with our brewer and design a recipe of their choosing according to their own personal preference, which we will then put into a one off batch production of 600L.
Clients will be provided with all of the necessary advice and guidance to ensure that what we produce matches exactly what they want, whether it be a light and fruity summer ale or a Christmas stout destined for the holiday hamper!